How to Care for Sandblasted Glass

As with any other glass surfaces, sandblasted areas are fairly simply to maintain. All you need is hot soapy water to rub away any greasy fingerprints or built-up dirt that may be present. Follow up with a good wipe down of hot clean water to eliminate possible soap residue. Sandblasting is fully washable and is resistant to most chemicals. You may use special window cleaning detergents or even chemicals such as methylated spirits. Grandmom’s homemade recipes of vinegar and hot water will be fine too! Do remember that some ichy-dirt may require and different kind of cleansing than others, and do so accordingly. Eg. muddy fingerprints will wash off easily with hot soapy water whereas red lipstick or engine grease may need some special attention with the use of some hardier chemicals. Please do take caution when cleaning special surfaces such as Granite and Marble as some of them will dull with the use of certain chemicals. Always check with your manufacturer or installer on care instructions for these surfaces!